(7 January - 17 Juni 1991)
Rescue in the Gulf of Aden
(10 February 1991)
  .06.06h :  
While patrolling the South Bab-EL-Mandeb area, the F910 receives an S.O.S on VHF channel 16.
Collision of Turkish ore tanker "EREGLI" with oil tanker "MENDANA SPIRIT" of the Bahamas.
The Wielingen --powered by gas turbine-- sails towards the crash location in the Gulf of Aden, along the
coasts of Yemen.
  .06.20h :  
Alongside the "Mendana Spirit", which does not need assistance.
It has a prow starboard tear, not too serious.
The Wielingen sets course toward the "EREGLI".
  .07.00h :  
The "EREGLI’s” bow is underwater. It is completely disabled and unsteerable.
VHF connection between our Commander and the Turkish Captain.
  .07.15h :  
Two zodiacs are launched to rescue the shipwrecked men swimming in oiled water.
  .07.20h :  
  We embark 20 shipwrecked men, who are directed towards the infirmary and the cafeteria.  
Our Commander begs the last crew members still aboard to abandon ship.
  .07.25h :  
Sad end for the "EREGLI," which has sunk to a depth of 32 meters.
  .07.38h :  
  The zodiacs bring back 5 other shipwrecked men.  
  Shipwreck statistics : 25 saved lives and 1 missing person, the Captain of the "EREGLI". It was the last  
voyage of his career and --on this occasion-- he had asked his wife to accompany him.
  .08.10h :  
  The "EREGLI" has sunk in Yemeni territorial waters (Yemen supports Saddam Hussein) and a fast partrol  
  boat, type "OSA II" (Soviet model), of the Yemeni Navy comes to meet us.  
  .09.00h :  
  On our way to Djibouti.  
  .14.15h :  
  Arrival at Djibouti and disembarkation of the 25 shipwrecked men, who are then looked after by  
the French Navy.
  .18.30h :  
  Djibouti departure to return to our South Bab-EL-Mandeb patrol area.  
Photos © wielingen1991.org
Source documents : Cruise log
by Chief petty officer VAN OVERSTRAETEN J-Fr.

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